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How do the Professional Home Teeth Whitening kits work?2016-06-16T14:38:07+00:00

The Professional Home Kits come with a pair of thermoforming gum trays that can be moulded perfectly to the contours of your teeth. (Once formed, the trays are used for application of the whitening gel). For each session, Pro-White is brushed onto the teeth, helping remove stains and also reducing sensitivity commonly experienced by teeth whitening gels. The whitening gel is then dispensed into the trays and the trays are inserted in the mouth for a minimum of 45 minutes. The Cool Blue LED Light which is supplied with the kit is then shone onto the trays. The Cool Blue LED Light helps accelerate the whitening process. For even whiter results you can leave the trays in for longer – or even over night.

Is it suitable for everyone?2015-08-18T07:33:12+00:00

Consult your doctor for children under 18 years old and for pregnant or breast-feeding women. It will only whiten natural teeth if you have veneers, crowns, caps or fillings these will be cleaned but the colour will not change.

How long does the home kit treatment take to produce results?2015-08-18T07:33:12+00:00

The time taken to see results vary depending on the tooth porosity of the individual, however significant results can be seen within 5-10 days.

How long will the results last?2019-10-13T09:27:58+00:00

The minute you consume coloured foods after your treatment, your teeth will start to absorb the colours. This is because teeth are naturally porous. However everyone’s tooth porosity is individual and varies immensely. The combination of your personal diet and the porosity of your teeth are the two main factors that determine how long the whiteness will last.

What are the benefits of Grinigh’s Home Kits over a dentist’s kit?2015-08-18T07:33:12+00:00

There are 3 main benefits:

Firstly, Grinigh uses a revolutionary two part system. The first part uses a NEW product called Pro-White. This NEW advancement in teeth whitening technology helps remove stains as well as reducing sensitivity. The less stains, the whiter the teeth become once the gel is applied. And given the large number of people that traditionally could not whiten their teeth due to sensitivity – this is now a thing of the past.

Secondly, Grinigh has a choice of gels depending on your tooth sensitivity. We now offer a NEW PEROXIDE-FREE kit that guarantees no sensitivity. Dentists do not offer such a treatment.

Finally, PRICE. Dentists have very large over heads and therefore pass this on to customers. We use thermoforming trays that allow you to perfectly form the gum trays to custom fit – just like the dentists do – but at a fraction of the price. As well as supplying high quality gels and Pro-White.

Our gels are all FDA approved and comply with all EU & UK Laws.